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Freight Audit Software

Together at Last

Empower your supply chain with the information it needs to make better decisions, faster.

Technology and process are the key drivers to creating a more efficient supply chain. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with first-class technology that lead to deeper insights, and a better understanding of your current operation. Out processes are also custom built to our clients needs, which allows you to implement this solution with minimal change to your current operation.

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Focus on What Matters

Invoice Audit & Payment

Allow your operations team to focus on what really matters; moving products and building a smarter supply chain.

The Process

  1. Invoice Collection
  2. Benefits

    1. 100% Accurate Invoice Processing

    2. Streamlined Payable Process

    3. Fully Visible Audit Trail

    4. 1-4% Deduction in Supply Chain Spend

    5. Conflict Resolution

    6. Improved Financial Controls

  3. Data Extract and Audit
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Custom Analytics and Reporting
Supply Chain Analytics

Make it easy for your operations team to interpret and extract insights from your big supply chain data.

  • Inbound Freight Analysis

    Instantly compare your freight partner alternatives when planning a shipment to ensure you’ve made the best selection possible.

  • Carrier Scorecard

    Hold your freight partners accountable to your service level standards with an interactive carrier scorecard. No more guesses when it comes to your freight partners performance.

  • Cost to Sell Analysis

    Understand your cost to sell to a particular customer or region. Ensure your company remains in the green by tracking your costs as a % of sales through this interactive dashboard.

  • Supply Chain Network

    Keep track of your shipping patterns. Which distribution centers consistently ship with the wrong carriers? Are you consistently shipping products from the optimal DC’s?

  • Customer Summary

    Uncover trends in your clients shipping patterns, and keep tabs on their order volumes. Being proactive with your data can make the difference between keeping and losing a valuable client.

  • Laneway Analysis

    Have you identified a primary, secondary, and tertiary freight partner on every laneway you are operating in? Is your dispatch team adhering to your laneway setup? Maybe its time to run an RFP?

  1. Complete Visibility
  2. Interactive Reporting
  3. User Customization
  4. Mobile Application
  5. Audited Data
  6. Insightful Metrics
Other value added services and technologies

Order Management System

Compare rates from your top freight partners on a shipment in under 45 seconds!

Instant Tender Tool

Prepare to tender your freight on a particular lane with instant access to a detailed RFP report

Supply Chain Consulting

Need help interpreting your data to create impact within your organization. We can help you optimize your operation with the analytics tool

A word from our customers

“The Orca analytics tool has helped parmalat connect the dots within our supply chain. We are able to act quickly, and with confidence that the correct decision was made. With complete supply chain visibility, we are able to focus on strategically improving the supply chain on a day to day basis.”

National Transportation Manager - Parmalat


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Allow your operations team to focus on what really matters; moving products and building a smarter supply chain.

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