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Who is Orca?

Invest in a partner, not a service

Orca is the future of supply chain optimization technologies. Our approach to improving the supply chain is by adding intuitive technologies and processes to create efficiencies and free talented logisticians to create true business value.

We understand that every supply chain is unique, and believe in going the extra mile to customize our tools and services to exceed expectations. With Orca, you are investing in a partner, not a service.

The Orca Journey

Our Values

  • People over profits
  • Knowledge over intuition
  • Evolution over legacy
  • Innovation over everything

Why choose Orca?

Besides the fact that we’re the sexiest supply chain tech provider in the modern era, we truly feel that we’re the only supply chain tech provider in the modern era. Our competition built their brand in the 80’s and 90’s and had huge success. These companies became complacent and stopped innovating. Their systems are antiquated and their service is an utter disappointment. The bottom line… the competition is outdated. Orca brings a fresh twist to the industry, focusing on innovation and client experience. Our number one priority is to add value. Every day.