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The future of supply chain optimization technology is Orca. Welcome to the world of innovative processes and customization. Our freight audit, payment, and auditing services are a breath of fresh air compared to other outdated technologies. Step into the 21st century and discover how we can help you significantly improve your supply chain’s productivity with our innovative and user-friendly technology. Our auditing process is a simple, four-step solution: invoice collection, data extraction and auditing, conflict resolution, and custom analytics and reporting. Get on board with Orca today.

Audit + Analytics

We supply first-class technology that empowers your supply chain with modern and more efficient services and software. Our simple yet sophisticated freight audit software allows you and your team to focus on strengthening your supply chain. Learn more about our processes.

Private Label

Sell Orca’s services and software under your own name, brand, and colours. We’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to grow your business and be your own boss. We’ll even help you design your own look. Learn more about our private label option.

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What we do

Organizations understand the power of data but struggle to collect it in a cohesive manner or understand how its best utilized in order to streamline processes and make better business decisions.

Orca’s state-of-the-art freight audit & supply chain analytics platform software provides you with full visibility of your supply chain, by automating freight payables processes and thorough data collection. Our platform allows for the effective management of your supply chain processes including payables process, data auditing, freight analytics, and supply chain decision based modelling.

No more searching for your shipment data, guessing your freight partner’s performance, or blindly serving your clients with sub-par transportation partners. Our software ensures that your supply chain analytics are at your fingertips, equipping you with the information you need in real time to make key decisions for your organization.

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How we help

Our freight audit platform saves you time and money by simplifying key tasks on our freight Audit Checklist. This includes:

• Identifying duplicate invoices
• Correctly classifying freights according to the National Motor Freight Classification system
• Verifying the base rate and that any discounts and./or accessorials have been correctly applied
• Checking that local taxes reflect current laws and that fees and tariffs have been applied
• Confirming the final amount for accuracy before payment is run

Key Benefits

Our platform provides you with:

• A holistic view of your entire supply chain network-including, but not limited to our carrier scorecard, cost-to-sell analysis, customer summary, GL Analysis, and budgetary tracking
• Custom analysis and interactive reports and dashboards
• Personalized filters that allow you to view results based on your unique organizational structure
• Customized KPI tracking
• Automation of time-consuming manual freight audit processes such as data collection, invoice review and supply chain reporting
• Record timing for payment processing and freight audit completion
• Better decision-making capabilities • Access to supply chain data from any mobile device at any time



A word from our customers

“The Orca analytics tool has helped parmalat connect the dots within our supply chain. We are able to act quickly, and with confidence that the correct decision was made. With complete supply chain visibility, we are able to focus on strategically improving the supply chain on a day to day basis.”

National Transportation Manager - Parmalat

“Reselling orca’s services has been an absolute pleasure. Our sales reps have an easy time selling the solution, and our customers love the service. Orca truly provides our company with the ability to sell their service, without having to worry about the headaches that come along with executing the service. The orca team is professional, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Director, Business Development – 3PL Links

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Our software has made the freight audit payment process more transparent than ever. Our goal is to support your organization in making your supply chain work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what really makes your organization successful.
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