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Technology Support Services

We're experts at TruckMate® and Tableau®

Having handled a number of TruckMate® & Tableau® implementations, we have an appreciation for the effort and planning that it takes to go-live successfully. If you are struggling through an implementation, or would simply like to chat about some of the potential challenges and opportunities, reach out. It doesn’t have to be impossible.
We can help.

Implementation and Execution Support

Possible TruckMate® projects

  1. Implementation Assistance
  2. Custom Screen Design
  3. External Rating Tool
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Process Automation
  6. GL Setup
  7. Financial Statement Design
  8. Command Center Setup
  9. Dawg System Configurations
Tableau® Implementation and Execution

Establish Reporting Requirements
Data Discovery
Custom Report Building
Adjustments and Changes

  • Inbound Freight Analysis

    Instantly compare your freight partner alternatives when planning a shipment to ensure you’ve made the best selection possible.

  • Carrier Scorecard

    Hold your freight partners accountable to your service level standards with an interactive carrier scorecard. No more guesses when it comes to your freight partners performance.

  • Cost to Sell Analysis

    Understand your cost to sell to a particular customer or region. Ensure your company remains in the green by tracking your costs as a % of sales through this interactive dashboard.

  • Supply Chain Network

    Keep track of your shipping patterns. Which distribution centers consistently ship with the wrong carriers? Are you consistently shipping products from the optimal DC’s?

  • Customer Summary

    Uncover trends in your clients shipping patterns, and keep tabs on their order volumes. Being proactive with your data can make the difference between keeping and losing a valuable client.

  • Laneway Analysis

    Have you identified a primary, secondary, and tertiary freight partner on every laneway you are operating in? Is your dispatch team adhering to your laneway setup? Maybe its time to run an RFP?


  1. Increased visibility into your Truckmate® data
  2. Full control of your implementation
  3. Real time information
  4. Mobile access to analytics
  5. Custom user interface
  6. Responsive support

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